The story of Blodeuwedd cannot be told without understanding the Lleu Llaw Gyffes and his mother Arianrhod.  The Goddess Arianrhod was tricked by the God Mathoney to become pregnant and gave birth to twins. The first born was named Dylan and left immediately for the sea. The second son was spirited away by Gwydion, Arianrhod’s brother. When Arianrhod found out about the boy she cursed him by withholding his name. Gwydion tricked her into naming the boy. She then cursed the boy by only allowing her to arm him. Gwydion also tricked her into doing this. The third curse seemed to be the hardest to overcome, Arianrhod took away his ability to marry a human woman therefore never becoming king. Math and Gywdion went around this curse by constructing a woman from the flowers of the Earth.

            Math and Gwydion were not happy about Arianrhod’s curse, so they plotted together and created a mate for Lleu Llaws Gyffes. She was the most beautiful woman made from nine different flowers, oak, meadowsweet, broom, cockle, bean, nettle, chestnut, primrose and hawthorn. The two magicians wove the blooms with their magic and Blodeuwedd was born as a full-grown woman. She was to be the perfect wife, but soon after the marriage her husband took a trip. Blodeuwedd was left with her ladies of the court. A young hunter, Gronw, was in need of shelter and Blodeuwedd let him stay in her home. It was love at first sight for the two of them. Gronw and Blodeuwedd wanted to be together but had to kill Lleu Llaw Gyffes before they could be wed.

            Llue Llaws Gyffes could not be killed by common means. Blodeuwedd asked him to explain the way he could die. He did explain it and the plan was set into motion. Gronw made a spear that took a year to make. Blodeuwedd set a bath that was both indoors and outdoors. When Llue Llaws Gyffes stepped out of the bath for a moment he was neither on foot or horseback. Gronw threw the spear. Llue turned into an eagle and flew away. He was later found by Gywdion and nursed back to health. In the year it took Llue Llaws Gyffes to recover Blodeuwedd and Gronw continued their affair. When Llue was healthy he returned to his home and slew Gronw. Blodeuwedd and her ladies ran but fell into a lake all drowned except for Blodeuwedd. When she was found Gywdion did not kill the beautiful Goddess but turned her into an owl.

            The story of Blodeuwedd is the story of finding your true self. Knowing what you want and going after it. Blodeuwedd is the Goddess of wisdom, death and life, moon mysteries, and Initiations. Her name means Flower Face and is an ancient word for Owl. She is often used as the May Queen as her strength lies in the moons between Imbolc and Beltane.  Blodeuwedd has been used as the lover aspect of the Triple Goddess. She is seen as a treacherous woman who killed her husband so that she could be with the man she loved. She made her own way in the world even though she was created by men to be the perfect wife. No one asked her what she wanted or needed but she found it anyway. When called upon she will ask tough questions of you and help guide you to yourself.

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Goddess Chart

Pantheon:  Celtic/Welsh

Element:  Earth/Air/Water

Colors:  White and Yellow

Flower:  the nine flowers that were used to assemble her

Animal:  Owl

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